Insurance Made Simple Part III: Comprehensive General Liability Coverage – How to Protect the Company’s Assets

By Sandra HaleyGeneral Liability, Property Owners

Why worry about and purchase General Liability coverage? Most banks do not require CGL insurance to get a mortgage, so why is it important? Accidents can and DO happen! If someone should sue your business as a result of a real or perceived loss, the high cost of legal defense and/or settlement could be enough to put you out of … Read More

The Claim’s Perspective: Simple Solutions to Big Exposures

By Stephanie ConnonProperty Owners

Meteorologists predict a below average hurricane season for this year though business owner policyholders know that forecasts are not an exact science. Unpredictable weather patterns pose an ever present threat of moderate to catastrophic physical damage and interruption to their business operations. Case in point is Revere, MA. On June 28, 2014 it may have surprised you to learn that … Read More

Insurance Made Simple: Part I – Property Insurance

By Sandra HaleyProperty Owners

Helping you and your customers understand the confusing world of insurance! Insurance companies seem to have their own language. Knowing what coverage to buy and how much of it you need is a mystery to most business owners. Insurance is not as confusing as most insurance companies make it out to be, and I’m here to help you understand it! … Read More