Celebrate Safely: Why You Need Liquor Liability for Holiday Parties

By John W. TympanickLiquor Liability, Policyholders, Special Event Insurance

Employer Liability For Serving Alcohol

What comes to mind when you hear the words “Holiday Party” or “New Year’s Celebration?” For most it means food, family, friends and fun. But what’s the best way to celebrate the end of a year and the start to a new one? With festive drinks of course. It has become generally accepted that special events wouldn’t be as special … Read More

Defy the Odds, Own Your Risk

By Sonya GrayBars & Restaurants, Liquor Liability, Policyholders

It is easy to have a ‘what are the chances’ mentality, but for bar and restaurant owners, that shouldn’t be an option. If you own a business that serves or sells liquor, you should take every precautionary measure to ensure responsible serving and consumption on your premises. Liquor liability claims are usually severe, often involving tragic fatalities or long term … Read More

Assault & Battery: Where’s the Coverage?

By Frank O'MalleyLiquor Liability

Assault & Battery: Where’s the Coverage? Most insurance agents would not expect to see an assault and battery exclusion on their client’s CGL policy. However, when it comes to establishments that serve a high percentage of alcohol, it is not uncommon for carriers to apply a specialized exclusion for this exposure. Do you know if your client is properly covered?  … Read More

Insurance: A Necessary Evil

By Sandra HaleyGeneral Liability, Liquor Liability

Most people find buying insurance a necessary evil.  No one wants to spend monies for an intangible item like insurance, but having it is not only a smart business decision in order to protect your property and your financial assets, it is usually a condition of getting a mortgage on a building. Some people purchase insurance for peace of mind, … Read More