Insuring The Liquor Business

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Insuring The Liquor Business Name: Richard (Dick) Welch Title: President and CEO, Hospitality Insurance Group Age: 57 Experience: 30 Years For the last three decades, Richard Welch has held a variety of roles in the insurance industry in Massachusetts and Connecticut. He spent most of his career at Travelers Insurance where he worked for 25 years, eventually rising to president and CEO of The … Read More

Sangrias & Swim-Up Bars

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Liquor Liability For Swim Up Bars

As the sun gets hotter, many will soak up the sun, swim up to a bar and reach for a cold drink, like Sangria to keep cool. Swim-up bars are not just something you find on the islands — they exist right here in New England. But, have you ever considered the risks the restaurant/bar owner takes on serving alcohol … Read More

How Much Will Liquor Liability Insurance Cost For A Temporary Event?

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Wine & chocolate tastings, Bar Mitzvahs, and weddings are just a few examples of “temporary” events where we write their liquor liability insurance. But one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is, “How Much Will Liquor Liability Insurance Cost For A Temporary Event?” A temporary event is considered a single, multi-day event that could be a wedding, cocktail … Read More

10 Ways To Help Prevent Potential Lawsuits From Your Company Holiday Party

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Tis the season for holiday parties, eggnog and late nights. We attend the ugly sweater parties, the family traditions, and most common, attending the annual work party. Many companies spend weeks, even months, planning their holiday party. They plan everything from where the event will take place down to the type of silverware placed on the table. However, one aspect … Read More

Why Bars Should Keep Surveillance Footage For Insurance Claims

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Why Bars Should Keep Survelliance Footage For Insurance Claims

Why Bars Should Keep Surveillance Footage For Insurance Claims Every bar owner wants to prevent a liquor liability claim from occurring which is why having surveillance footage is invaluable should an incident be alleged. Fights, theft, and vandalism are all unfortunate responsibilities of a restaurant owner. In addition to security and staff training,  having a surveillance system installed is one thing that can protect you from a … Read More

You Accidentally Served A Minor, Now What?

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Accidentally Served A Minor

You Accidentally Served A Minor, Now What?  In the United States, it is illegal to serve alcohol to someone under the age of 21.  But what if you asked for identification and were provided with a fake id without knowing? Steps to take upon discovery: Ask the person to leave. Ensure management is notified immediately. Document the incident and include the person’s information (if … Read More

Liquor Liability Insurance Now Mandatory in Rhode Island

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Rhode Island Liquor Liability Insurance

Liquor Liability Insurance Now A Mandatory Law in Rhode Island Effective August 1, 2017 Do you insure liquor stores, restaurants or bars situated in the State of Rhode Island? Effective August 1st, liquor liability insurance in the state of Rhode Island will become mandatory. The Rhode Island House and Senate recently passed legislation that will require any applicant or holder … Read More

Liquor Liability Insurance For Weddings

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Liquor Liability Insurance For Weddings

The most memorable day of your life has arrived. The flowers, the dress, the guest list, with so many facets of planning, it’s important not to forget about the one small often overlooked item that many don’t think about – obtaining liquor liability insurance coverage for your wedding. Temporary event liquor liability insurance is necessary if you are catering your … Read More

Agent Update: New & Renewed Business

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You asked, we listened! Effective March 15, 2017, Hospitality Insurance Group will be sending invoices on new and renewal business. Many of our agency partners requested that policies be mailed out upon binding with invoices enclosed in order to make it easier for payment to be remitted to us. Effective March 15, 2017, Hospitality Insurance Group will be sending invoices … Read More

How New Restaurant Trends Have Affected Liquor Liability Insurance

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How New Restaurant Trends Have Affected Liquor Liability Insurance  Drinking games at bars, BYOB, happy hour, and more. As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of our CEO John Tympanick, John looks back at the last 25 years in business and how new restaurant trends have affected liquor liability insurance. 25 employees, 6 states, over 440 Massachusetts agents, and 1000+ agents … Read More