You Accidentally Served A Minor, Now What?

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Accidentally Served A Minor

You Accidentally Served A Minor, Now What?  In the United States, it is illegal to serve alcohol to someone under the age of 21.  But what if you asked for identification and were provided with a fake id without knowing? Steps to take upon discovery: Ask the person to leave. Ensure management is notified immediately. Document the incident and include the person’s information (if … Read More

Does Alcoholic Ice Cream Need Liquor Liability Insurance?


Alcoholic Ice Cream

Does Alcoholic Ice Cream Need Liquor Liability Insurance? Alcohol and ice cream lovers rejoice! Now you can have two of your favorite things blended in one tipsy treat. Although every state has it’s different laws around the sale and consumption of alcohol, alcoholic ice cream seems to be a growing trend and specifically in New York where  Tipsy Scoop, Ice … Read More

Strength, Stability and Service


Strength, Stability, and Service  For the last 31 years, Hospitality Insurance Group has strived to understand the frustrations our insurance brokers encounter when it comes to inconsistent approaches in obtaining liquor liability coverage. We understand the difficulty of: Finding coverage for a restaurant with higher than normal liquor receipts Having to replace coverage on a risk that has added live entertainment … Read More

Uncovering the Mystery: Admitted Insurers vs. Surplus Lines

By Frank O'MalleyGeneral

Chances are if you have been in the insurance industry long enough then you have heard the terms admitted (or standard) and surplus lines (or non-admitted) used to describe insurance carriers. Although these terms share many characteristics, there are some glaring differences as well. What do these terms mean and what sort of protection are you providing or not providing … Read More

6 Tips for a Safe 4th of July Weekend

By Nicole OrchardGeneral

The 4th of July is a time for family, friends and FUN! It’s an all-American weekend known for its barbeques, beaches and fireworks. It also means heavy drinking for some. We want everyone to have a FUN holiday weekend, but we also want you to have a SAFE one. Here are 6 things we think are important to think about … Read More