Bar Room Brawls: 3 Assault & Battery Situations That Could Happen At Any Bar

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Bar Room Brawls 3 Assault & Battery Situations That Could Happen At Any Bar

Bar Room Brawls: 3 Assault & Battery Situations That Could Happen At Any Bar   For any establishment that serves alcoholic beverages, a fight possibly breaking out is always in the back of any owner’s mind.   According to Insurance Magazine, about 30% of losses at bars, taverns, and nightclubs arise from assault and battery claims.     Out of … Read More

Liquor Liability Insurance For Weddings

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Liquor Liability Insurance For Weddings

The most memorable day of your life has arrived. The flowers, the dress, the guest list, with so many facets of planning, it’s important not to forget about the one small often overlooked item that many don’t think about – obtaining liquor liability insurance coverage for your wedding. Temporary event liquor liability insurance is necessary if you are catering your … Read More

Agent Update: New & Renewed Business

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You asked, we listened! Effective March 15, 2017, Hospitality Insurance Group will be sending invoices on new and renewal business. Many of our agency partners requested that policies be mailed out upon binding with invoices enclosed in order to make it easier for payment to be remitted to us. Effective March 15, 2017, Hospitality Insurance Group will be sending invoices … Read More

How New Restaurant Trends Have Affected Liquor Liability Insurance

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How New Restaurant Trends Have Affected Liquor Liability Insurance  Drinking games at bars, BYOB, happy hour, and more. As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of our CEO John Tympanick, John looks back at the last 25 years in business and how new restaurant trends have affected liquor liability insurance. 25 employees, 6 states, over 440 Massachusetts agents, and 1000+ agents … Read More

Spring is Near but Not yet Here

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While spring is on its way, we are not entirely in the clear from the threats of the cold winter weather. As history shows, March is one of those months when the temperatures can fluctuate by an astounding 20-30 degrees from day to night. Today could be a warm, sunny, spring-like day and tomorrow we could face a blizzard – … Read More

Insurance Made Simple Part III: Comprehensive General Liability Coverage – How to Protect the Company’s Assets

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Why worry about and purchase General Liability coverage? Most banks do not require CGL insurance to get a mortgage, so why is it important? Accidents can and DO happen! If someone should sue your business as a result of a real or perceived loss, the high cost of legal defense and/or settlement could be enough to put you out of … Read More

General Liability Claims: 10 Tips to Help Prevent Them

By Michele Wright-NealandGeneral Liability

General liability claims can come at any time, in any form. Purchasing insurance for this type of exposure is the first line of defense against many common claims. General liability insurance covers claims of bodily injury or other physical injury, property damage, personal injury (including slander or libel) and advertising injury. The purpose of GL coverage is to protect your … Read More

Insurance Made Simple: Part II – Business Income Insurance, Ah the mystery of it all!

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Most businesses would never think of going without property and liability insurance. Even if they do wish to go without it, often times that’s not even an option. For many, the mortgagee requires the purchase of insurance to protect their financial investment. The reality for many insureds is that the key to surviving a disaster may very well depend on … Read More

Insurance: A Necessary Evil

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Most people find buying insurance a necessary evil.  No one wants to spend monies for an intangible item like insurance, but having it is not only a smart business decision in order to protect your property and your financial assets, it is usually a condition of getting a mortgage on a building. Some people purchase insurance for peace of mind, … Read More